Events Management with Hospitality

Events Management with Hospitality

The BA (Hons) Events Management with Hospitality degree at the Edge Hotel School combines both hotel experience and industry knowledge to provide you with the skills for a career in conference and events management.

Your lecture weeks, led by the academic team, will encompass a variety of different formats, from traditional delivery, seminars and workshops to individual and group presentations, as well as professional activities. They enable you to explore and understand the relevant theory behind the experience you will gain in the Kitchen, Reception, Restaurant and Conference and Events operational departments.

Industry experts provide guest lectures to give you a further insight into events management and hospitality best practice. A field trip may also be scheduled taking you to a related organisation to gain an insight into the whole operation, understand the business model, commercial dynamics, operational challenges, structure and culture. The course includes sessions on research methods, presentation skills and referencing to assist you with your learning. The course also includes sessions on CV writing and behavioural interview techniques.

As you progress through each area, you will experience the challenges associated with an increasingly senior role within different functions of the hotel, as shown in the table below. In Level 6 you will be working at manager level, co-ordinating your own event in the hotel with an external client. You will also find yourself spending less time in the hotel and more time on directed self-study in the final level of the course, which will help you to prepare for assessments, presentations and exams.

Examples of the Events Management with Hospitality operational experience:

Level 4Level 5Level 6
Hotel Rotation16 weeks
4-5 shifts per week
16 weeks
4-5 shifts per week
5 weeks

Kitchens and ReceptionReceptionist/ Junior Commis

(4 weeks)

Reception Supervisor/ Kitchen Supervisor

(4 weeks)

Food and BeverageRestaurantsBrasserie, Bar and Lounge Waiter

(4 weeks)

Food & Beverage Supervisor

(4 weeks)

Conference and EventsConference and Events Operative

(8 weeks)

Conference and Events Planner

(8 weeks)

Conference and Events Manager

Module Information

Events Management with Hospitality - Level 4 Modules

INDUSTRY CONTEXT 1 (15 credits)

You will gain an understanding of the profile, characteristics, size and structure of the event and hospitality industry. This includes an understanding of different types of business enterprise, ownership models and structures within the industry. This module explains the economic profile of the industry and the issues and trends that continue to provide challenges.

EVENTS OPERATIONS 1 (15 credits)

You will start to understand key resources and evaluate the importance and significance of marketing, financial and human resource management functions within event operations. This includes analysing all operational data to determine business performance.


You are introduced to the importance of the customer experience as fundamental to all activity in the event industry. You will understand the different types of customer, their feedback, the factors that might influence their behaviour and the sales techniques relevant to customer expectations.


You will have the opportunity to offer customer excellence within the various functions of the event and hotel operation, enabling you to develop the practical skills that support the knowledge gained from the Customer Experience module.


This module develops your understanding of key resources, including financial management and legislation, within the various functions of the events and hotel operation, enabling you to recognise good practice.


This module investigates the cultural and contemporary influences on the development of gastronomy and restaurants, looking at the changing face of contemporary dining and cultural food trends. You will have an understanding of the physical nature of food and beverage commodities and their usage in professional outlets.

Events Management with Hospitality - Level 5 Modules

INDUSTRY CONTEXT 2 (15 credits)

You will analyse current concepts in the event and hospitality sector, including the management structure of different operations, revenue management and the systems used to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and profitability. This includes evaluating the influences of industry developments on the contemporary event and hospitality sector.

EVENTS OPERATIONS 2 (15 credits)

This module will develop your knowledge of how to critically evaluate and determine the resources and skills required within the event operation. You will analyse the elements that make up successful teams and determine the criteria that should be used to evaluate operational performance and the application of revenue management techniques to improve the business.


You will critically analyse the effectiveness of different marketing approaches, including branding and merchandising and review the current marketing issues in contemporary event and hospitality businesses.


This module provides you with an opportunity to develop further the skills needed to deliver customer excellence within a supervisory capacity. You will learn to analyse your team’s performance, based on your understanding of the components of the guest experience.


You will further develop your supervisory and professional operational skills when responsible for functional areas of the event and hotel operations. You will become responsible for the planning and organising of teams in the delivery of products and services to customers.


This module will evaluate and review the key employment opportunities presented by the hospitality industry and will enable you to critically reflect on professional and continuous personal development.

Events Management with Hospitality - Level 6 Modules

INDUSTRY CONTEXT 3 (15 credits)

Here you will develop your knowledge and skills with regard to creative leadership. With a focus on innovation management, you will analyse the strategic implications of managing within changing industry environments and evaluate the necessary theories, tools and skills to develop realistic, coherent and effective business strategy.

EVENTS OPERATIONS 3 (15 credits)

You will critically evaluate the underlying principles of ethics and social responsibility in business decision making and apply knowledge and skills in strategic and performance management, to analyse and apply key concepts, tools and processes to develop relevant and creative business strategy.


This module explores your understanding of the importance of the guest experience. You will develop a critical understanding of relevant theories and concepts in relation to strategic marketing, changing environmental concerns and the principles of innovation on customer expectations.


During this module you will evaluate the concept of strategic human resource management and critically analyse retention, engagement and performance management within hospitality operations.

DISSERTATION (30 credits)

You will undetake a piece of individual research in the context of the commercial events industry. You will be expected to demonstrate expertise with a range of business data, research resources and methodologies, as well as personal communication skills.

EVENTS PROJECT (30 credits)

The Events Project consists of an individual report, a presentation and a group report focusing on a real-life event with an external client.

Module information provides a guide to course content and may be subject to review before you enrol. More information is included in the Edge Hotel School Terms and Conditions of Enrolment. Full course information is available in the Programme Specifications which are available on the Our Courses page and Policies page.


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