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Personal Details

When entering area of permanent residence, please note if you live in:
• Greater London, give your London borough (for example, Enfield);
• a former metropolitan county, give your district (for example, Sefton);
• Scotland, give your district or islands area (for example, Clackmannanshire);
• elsewhere in the UK, give your county (for example, Derbyshire); or
• outside the UK, give your country (for example, Italy).

Disability/special needs

Criminal Convictions

Applicants are required to declare at the point of application if they have a criminal record. Your criminal record will not affect the academic assessment of your application. However, the Edge Hotel School may want to consider the application further or ask for more information before making a decision. If you are convicted of a criminal offence after you have applied, you must let us know. Please do not send details of the offence; simply tell us that you have a criminal conviction and the Edge Hotel School will then request further details if needed.


Please note the Events Management with Hospitality course has one start date per year, in September. Only the Hotel Management course has start dates in both September and February


Enter details of the qualifications that you have achieved or are in the process of achieving at school/college/centre. Please ensure that the courses you are taking are noted as their full title, including listing the full module details of a BTEC award. If you are studying outside of the UK, do not list the UK equivalent, please add the exact course title. It is the Edge Hotel School's decision on what the UK equivalent is.


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English Language Requirement


Please provide full details of any past or current work experience in chronological order and including any current position. This can also include voluntary work.


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"This is where you sell yourself to the Edge Hotel School Team. Tell us why you want to study with us. Why you are different from any other student and what interests you. Make your statement unforgettable and tell us what you could bring to the Hotel School and Wivenhoe House. This would also be a good time to tell us about your future plans and where the Edge Hotel School fits into them. Although we want you to be creative and tell us lots of interesting things, remember that this is a professional hotel with paying guests. Finally, please make sure your statement is all your own work and not copied from anywhere else!"


Two references should be provided.  Ideally one of these should be from one of your teachers / tutors or by someone who is able to comment on your academic ability as well as your potential to succeed at the Edge Hotel School. If you are not in education or currently in employment, you should also list your current employer. We are unable to accept references from family or friends. Please ensure that you notify your referee of your application.   


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Data Collection

The Edge Hotel School and the University of Essex are committed to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities for their staff and students, and there is an ongoing programme of action to ensure that this policy is fully effective. In order to monitor progress we need to record the relevant information about each student and staff member. Where this information indicates that a particular group of students appears to be disproportionally represented in any area of the Edge Hotel School's operations, appropriate action can be taken. The information we are interested in collecting is on your disability status and ethnic origin.

Information submitted via this application form will be treated as confidential under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. The data will be kept secure and accurate and will only be processed for various administrative, academic and health and safety purposes and as detailed in the privacy policy appearing at www.edgehotelschool/privacy. To enable the Edge Hotel School and the University of Essex to process the data held about you, please sign and date the declaration below.

I certify that the information I have given is correct and I agree to the Edge Hotel School and the University of Essex processing personal data in connection with my time on the course for any purpose connected with my studies, or my health and safety, or for any other legitimate reason, and as detailed in the privacy policy appearing at www.edgehotelschool/privacy.

I confirm that the information given in my application form is true, complete and accurate and that no information requested has been omitted. I have read, understood, accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and privacy policy appearing at www.edgehotelschool/privacy.


We aim to acknowledge receipt of your application within 48 hours of receiving your documentation.

The Edge Hotel School, University of Essex and the Edge Foundation may wish to contact you with information that they think you might be interested in.


You can change your mind at any point and if you would like to stop receiving information from us (Edge Hotel School, University of Essex or Edge Foundation) please email and ask to be removed from the relevant mailing list.

Edge Hotel School Limited is registered in England & Wales with registered number 8796675 and the registered office is Wivenhoe House, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex CO4 3SQ.

Restricted Info

The information you give in response to the question below is required only for statistical purposes, for monitoring application and admission rates and planning future provision of higher education. This will not be used in the selection process. This page of your application form will be kept separately.